Used Vally Lab Force FX Diathermy

Refurbished Valley Lab Force FX Diathermy

Diathermy is a healing treatment frequently prescribed for muscle and joint pains. It uses a high-frequency electric current to arouse heat production within body tissues.This diathermy is mainly used to treat pain thereby increase our body blood flow, reduce muscle pain and improves the movement of tissues. Owing to this we provide the best used and refurbished Valley lab force FX to all our medical offices and hospitals.

We are proud to say that we are one among the best dealers in medical equipments. Our used and refurbished product “Valley Lab Force FX” in diathermy holds all the essential features with good working condition equalizing the new product. We assure to provide you a branded product with advanced technologies since they are brought from the valued manufacturers of the medical equipment industry.

used vally force fx diathermy

Technical Features

  • High power digital electro-surgical unit
  • Designed to treat all tissue types
  • Computer controlled instant response technology
  • Improved safety
  • Active alert by indicators
  • Can be used as a conjunction with GSU systems and electro shield Monitor


Weight and Dimensions:
  • Height: 11.1 cm (4-3/8 in.)
  • Width: 35.6 cm (14 in.)
  • Length: 43.9 cm (17 in.)
  • Weight: < 8.1 kg
Input Power Requirements :
  • Operating range- 85 to 132 AC volts.
  • Maximum current – 7 A in Cut and 4 A in Coag.
High Frequency Leakage
  • Bipolar: Less than 60 mA (rms)
  • Monopolar: Less than 150 mA (rms)
Low Frequency Leakage
  • (50-60 Hz)
CEM™ Mode
Monopolar Cut (Low)
  • Maximum P-P Voltage: 1000
  • Rated Load (OHMS): 300
  • Maximum Power (Watts): 100
  • Crest Factor* (Typical): 1.5
Monopolar Coag
  • Maximum P-P Voltage: 3500
  • Rated Load (OHMS): 500
  • Maximum Power (Watts): 70
  • Crest Factor* (Typical): 5