refurbished heater cooler

Refurbished Heater cooler CSZ 400MR

Meridian Medicals Inc. delivers the best used and refurbished Heater cooler CSZ 400MR. The CSZ HEMOTHERM 400MR is a compact, portable system used to raise or lower the blood temperature of a patient. Hemotherm machine simplifies the blood warmth control function during cardiovascular surgeries or any other procedures.

This is done by the blood oxygenator or heat exchanger unit. They help in maintaining the blood temperature through standard heat transfer. This heater cooler benefits the medical professionals by its dual purpose i.e. it can be used in a re-warming therapy too.Also, this equipment is handled with extreme care and accuracy.

Used Heater cooler CSZ 400MR

Technical Features

We in Meridian Medical Inc. provides the best deals to our dealers for all our used and refurbished products. This Heater cooler 400MR is been used and refurbished in our corporation after inspecting and repairing all the faults. Once they have undergone all the global norms they will be delivered to our dealers.


All the components are rigidly constructed. We assure you that our used and refurbished Heater cooler 400MR will satisfy you in all aspects since they are thoroughly repaired. The physical components of this equipment is given below,

  • 300/1200 Watt Heater.
  • Microprocessor control system.
  • Dual reservoir unit.
  • Re-circulation pump.
  • High-temperature safety.
  • Low water cut off switch.

Also, it is portable and delivers heat/cold water to blood heat exchanger.


  • Dimensions: 22”W x 22"D x 32"H
  • Floor space consumed: 484 sq. in.
  • Weight: 198 lbs.
  • Cabinet construction: 16 gauge steel
  • Warm air flow: bottom
Cooling system

Compressor: ½ HP maximum

Fluid Cooling Range: 32°C to 3°C

Control system
  • Fluid Temp Control Range: 3°C to 42°C
  • Fluid Temp Control Accuracy: ± .5°C
  • Fluid Temp Setting: 1°C
Heating system

Fluid Heating Range: 25°C to 42°C