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Our Rigid Endoscope Equipment

Rigid Endoscope Equipment at Meridian Medical Inc

We are the leading used and Refurbished Rigid Endoscopy Equipment Dealers and Suppliers in Chennai. We started our carrier to provide the best quality Rigid endoscopy equipments to the medical industry. Before introducing our equipments for sale we are doing multiple services and testing procedures to make sure its best quality.

Rigid Endoscopy

Rigid endoscopy is a medical process done by a medical professional like doctors, inserts a stiff tube which contains telescope into a patient to view the internal organs and its functions, by using a camera that is connected to the tube to see the patient's internal body structure. The device, commonly known as an endoscope, and there is also another instrument channel which helps the doctor to pass some instruments all the way through the tube to execute actions like biopsies. This actually happens in a certified doctor’s hospital or office or clinic, with appropriate anesthesia kit to keep the patient relaxed during the procedure.

Function and Uses of Rigid Endoscopy

Endoscopy method used to the doctor who takes care of the patient to look into the body part and by endoscopy he can directly view the condition and function of the internal organ. And also it can be used for better diagnostic purposes where doctors can refer with their visual image or samples, which are easy for the further treatments. One more benefit is it is the better replacement of major open surgeries, in Rigid Endoscopy the surgeon makes some small holes in our body to insert an endoscope this impression of holes are also will hides when years passed. There is not possible for all the surgical disease can be cured by this method. It can be done on the joints, evaluation of troubles with the urinary zone, and abdominal surgery.

One more important thing while undergoing surgery, the patient must be under anaesthesia for their pain management. There are no side effects by using anesthesia while surgery. Recovery time for the patient after the surgery will vary for every person according to the surgery and treatment.

Our Rigid Endoscopy Products:


  • Stryker 988 3chip digital camera
  • Storz Image 1
  • Stryker 1188 HD Camera
  • Stryker 1288 HD Camera


  • 10mm 30 deg, 10mm 0 deg. Stryker, Storz or Dyonics
  • 5 mm 0 deg 5 mm 30 deg

Light source:

  • LED light source - CMT LuXia
  • Xenon light source - Stryker X 6000, X8000rce - Stryker X 6000, X8000

HD Monitors:

  • Stryker Vision Elect 21" insuffalatorHD
  • Stryker Vision Elect 26" HD


  • Stryker 16Ltr, Dyonics 15 Ltr, Olympus 15 Ltr
  • CMT Carbo 30L insuffalator
  • Stryker 40L Insuffalator

Shaver system:

  • Stryker TPS shaver system