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Our Operating Room Equipment

Operating Room :

Meridian Medicals Inc:  We all know that Operating Room Equipment is very important in Hospitals. We are the pioneer in providing used and refurbished operating room equipment dealers in Chennai. Since 1997, we offer our best service as an operating room equipment distributors and suppliers in chennai and lot of the major cities.

We have the following list of Operating room equipment:

  • Operating Lights LED OT lights - Twin Dome & Single dome

For doing any type of operation the main thing we must consider is the light settings in the operation theater. There are so many types of lights like surgical headlights, operating room lights Etc. And we provide used and refurbished operating room lightings to the operative area, building them a fundamental part of any other various surgical procedures.

  • Diathermy - Valley Lab, Conmed, ERBE

Diathermy is a healing treatment frequently prescribed for muscle and joint pains. It uses a high-frequency electric current to arouse heat production within body tissues.

This diathermy mainly used to increase our body blood flow, give relief from muscle pain and improves the movement of tissues where it is paining.

  • Patient Monitoring - HP Viridia 24C, GE Dash Series

Patient monitoring equipment, sometimes known as vital signs monitors, is very essential and it must originate in every medical care center. Because it is used to monitor every single change happening in patients health and body. So the treatment can be given immediately if any emergency cases.

  • C arm - Siemens, Philips, GE

This is a medical imaging system works similarly like X-rays technology. Then main important of this system is it can be movable and its name comes from C shaped Arm.

  • Operating Microscope - Carl Zeiss

Used in Operation theaters to manipulate the micro parts of the body. This surgical system mostly used when Microsurgery happens.

  • Operating Drill - Stryker, Synthesis

These are power tools which are mostly used in orthopedic surgery to cut the bones or make holes.