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Diagnostic Lab Equipment :

Meridian Medicals Inc is one of the best diagnostic lab equipment and medical lab equipment dealer in Chennai. Our main goal is to provide a complete range of used and refurbished diagnostics lab equipment of outstanding quality at affordable prices.

These Diagnostic Lab Equipment are vital to diagnose or analyze about any disease. Some of our used and refurbished medical lab or diagnostic lab equipment are as follows:

  • Blood Gas Analyser - Siemens M348, M248.

This blood gas analyser test is used to check diagnose your lungs to check whether they are able to pass through the oxygen into the blood and eradicate carbon dioxide from the blood. This test may also be used to calculate the pH level of the blood. Another name of this test is arterial blood gas (ABG) test.

  • Electrolyte Analyser - AVL 9130, Starlyte 3, ST200 Series

Electrolyte analyzer machines are used to measure the electrolyte levels in our body to detect metabolic imbalances and to check the renal and cardiac function. Electrolyte analysers are most commonly used in hospital and certified laboratories. These analyzing methods use blood plasma, serum, or urine samples for testing purpose.

  • Cell Counter - Sysmex KX 20

This diagnostic lab equipment is used to measure the count of blood red cells automatically. A complete blood count report generator is also known as CBC, reveals the count of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. With our highly efficient diagnostic lab equipment, one can generate a report in less than a minute.

  • Reagents & consumables - For all blood gas, electrolytes & cell counters

Meridian Medicals Inc deals with a whole range of diagnostic equipments reagents, from blood Cell counting slides to serum, media and transfection reagents.