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We are the best Aneastheology Equipment Dealers and Suppliers in Chennai. Established in the year of 1997, to offer the best quality anaesthesiology equipment to the medical industry. We are the one who occupied in supplying a complete range of, quality new and Refurbished Aneasthesiology Equipment and other Medical Equipments in India. Eventhough we are deels with used and refurbished Anaethesiology equipments we are very much sure about the quality of the equipments by doing services and tests before selling it.


Anaesthesiology is the division of remedy dedicated to relieving pain or used to keep unconscious about the pain at the particular place and inducing anaesthesia during the surgical procedure and other therapeutic procedures. The extent of anaesthesiology includes operation related ache management. Also, Anaesthesiology used to manage uncontrollable pains. It is the anesthesiologist's primary need and anxiety to prevent the patient from pain while doing the operation and after surgery.

 Anaesthesiology Equipment

Anaesthesia Equipments are used while taking surgeries in the operation room for pain management. And mostly used in Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

  • Anesthesia Vapourisers                     
  • Air ways
  • Cylinders
  • Ventilator
  • I.V.Cannula
  • Laryngoscope
  • Syringe pumps
  • Magill’s forceps
  • Breathing systems
  • Endotracheal tubes
  • Tracheostomy tube
  • Central Venous Pressure
  • Nasogastric tube 

Anesthesia Machines:

The Anesthesia Machine is a device used to deliver a mixture of gasses like Oxygen, Nitrous oxide & Air including anaesthetic gasses to the patients who are going to take major operations or who can't tolerate any pains for life sustaining. Even though a lot of changes had been made for the inventive Boyle machine still the basic configuration remains the same.

Functions of Anaesthesia Machine:

The Anaesthesia machine performs four essential functions.Provides O2 while the sugary. Accurately mixes anaesthetic gasses and vapors with the safety measures of the patient. Used to enable patient's air ventilation and it minimizes anaesthesia associated issues to patients and staff.

Components of a typical Anesthesia machine:

The familiar type of anaesthetic machine that is commonly used now is the continuous-flow anaesthetic machine, mainly designed to offer the correct and incessant provision of medical gaze, assorted with a precise absorption of anaesthetic vapor and bring this to the patient at a safe pressure level and with even flow. Here are the components of a typical anaesthesia machine.

  • Vaporizers
  • Ventilators
  • Flow meters
  • Breathing circuits
  • Gas cylinders of Oxygen.
  • Systems for monitoring the gasses.
  • Piped oxygen, Nitrous oxide & Air.
  • Pressure gauges to protect from high-pressure gasses
  • Systems for monitoring the patient's ECG, BP & Heart beat rate

Anesthesia Ventilators

Anaesthesia ventilators were a fundamental part of any type of anaesthesia workstations. Anaesthesia ventilators are also essential in the operation theaters, which come with simple operation modes when the machine introduced, but now its operation modes are very complicated to use with many superior ventilation modes. Even though it look like complicated it is highly recommendable for the safety of the patient as well as the doctor.

The Electronic Anaesthesia Ventilator are designed with wide performance range, integrated breathing system management, internal and external safety measures of the patients, operator interactivity with user-friendly operation modes and multiple configurations with advanced technology.

Some of the Anaesthesia ventilators comes with calibrated electronic control allows for a more accurate ventilation delivery. The controls can be adjustable without affecting other functions. Comprehensive alarms for the safety features. Alarms for the following functions,

  • When Ventilator failure
  • Set volume not delivered
  • Low oxygen supply
  • Low airway pressure

Anesthesia Vapourisers:

Anesthesia Vapourisers are the important anaesthetic equipment. Because vapourisers have evolved from very basic devices to more complicated ones are in use now. Most of the current vapourisers are designed to be used between the flow meter and the common gas outlet on the anaesthesia machine. It ensures the Safety features contain an anti-spill and a specific vaporizer filling device. Desflurane has exclusive physical property need to the use of a specific vapouriser. Recently designed vapourisers are controlled by a CPU in the anaesthetic machine. The attentiveness of vapour is continuously monitored and familiar by altering fresh gas flow through the vapouriser.

The anaesthetic vapour has to be concentrated with fresh gas by the following two ways:

  • By splitting the fresh gas flow
  • By injecting the vapour directly to the total fresh gas flow without any split.